Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will the fundraising be conducted? Letters, face to face, phone, etc.?
A. Yes, yes, and yes. We will be using all the means of solicitation on top of fundraisers like our clothing sale and fish fries.

Q. How can I give to the Parish Share, regular collections, the Diocese capital campaign, AND our capital campaign?
A. The Diocesan capital campaign and our capital campaign are being combined into a joint campaign so that you only have to give to the one campaign if, through prayer and conversations with your family, you are able to give. Your sacrificial gift to the combined campaign is in addition to regular giving and Parish Share contributions.

Q. Who will be solicited? Active members who give their envelopes, non-active members who do not give their envelops?
A. The main focus will be those who are active in the parish. However, Saint Monica’s does not want to
exclude anyone from hearing what we are doing. So, solicitation may be broadened to non-active
members and non-parishioners. In fact, non-parishioners have already made donations.

Q. How will you determine the amount that each family is expected to give?
A. That is completely up to you, God, and your family. On page 9 there are some suggested pledges.  The only thing asked is that you are as generous as you can be. F.Y.I. Father Schreck has pledged $150 per month for a total of $9,000.

Q. Does the Diocese help with the funding?
A. No. Saint Monica parish is responsible for Building a Church Alive. However, collaboration and technical assistance continues to be given by the Diocese.

Q. Do you have architectural/construction drawings and have they been cost out to determine the funding necessary for the project?
A. Link to Drawings The projected cost is an $8 million project. The parish currently has $2 Million in savings. The fundraising goal is $6 million.

Q. What will happen if we can’t raise $6 million?
A. If Saint Monica’s cannot raise $6 million, then the parish will plan accordingly. If necessary, Saint Monica may take on a small mortgage from the Diocese to reach our goal.

Q. What are the projected beginning and ending dates of the project?
A. Projects have already begun, e.g. the dedication of Founder’s Hall. Ground breaking may begin when half the funds are in hand. It is hoped that the project will be completed within five years.

Q. When will Saint Monica’s Darlington and College Hill sites be put on the market?
A. The pastor, councils, and diocese are currently discussing how and when to reverently pass on these treasures to good Christian people.

Q. Will the income of the sale of the properties help with construction of the new church? (Rumors are circulating that the income will go to the Diocese).
A. Saint Monica’s is responsible for $879,000 per their mandatory capital campaign, to help the Diocese and Bishop. That money will be raised through the combined campaign and not the possible sale of properties; all monies beyond this number stay in the parish.

Q. I already paid for a church to be built.
A. Your support in the past was and still is greatly appreciated. However, Saint Monica asks that you continue to support our ever-growing family. These monies in the past were well spent, and like every family it is time to buy/build a new home.

Q. How will the donors be remembered?
A. The donors will be remembered by a plaque with their name on it that will be placed on the Living Stone Wall in Founders Hall. Each person, regardless of the size of the gift, will be remembered in the same way. Each of us, regardless of God’s particular blessings to us, are equally loved and honored by the Lord.

Q. Will there be opportunities to buy a pew or some other object?
A. No. We are reclaiming sacred objects from the churches, which therefore means that most of the objects have already been donated. All donors will be represented on the Living Stones Wall.

Q. What happens if I can’t make my pledge, e.g. I pass away, move, or come into financial hardship?
A. All pledges are made in good faith. Under no circumstances will your ability or inability to make your pledge effect your relationship with Jesus Christ or Saint Monica parish.