Purpose, Vision, Core Values

Saint Monica Parish represents 160 years of Continuous Catholic Presence.

From 1854 the Holy Eucharist has been Praised and Adored.

Our Purpose

Our sacred purpose, willed by God, is to tenderly adore and serve Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, joyfully evangelize the estranged, catechize the faithful, form intentional disciples, and become stewards of God’s gifts.

Our Vision

Our vision for the next five years is to Encounter the Living God, Reconcile the estranged, and Build a Church Alive.

Our Core Values

Committed to Christ and His Church
Strengthened by the Sacraments we are dedicated to the Roman Catholic Church, her teachings and spirituality.

Reconciliation and Forgiveness
Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to bring God’s reconciliation and forgiveness to all in need.

Providence and Acceptance of God’s Will
Recognizing that God is sovereign, we journey as God’s children to accept and cooperate with God’s plans for our lives, making space for Him to provide.

Refuge of Sinners
As a community of sinners, we endeavor to make the parish a home and refuge for sinners, a place of support and mature Christian relationship.