Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

Engaging with our young adult Catholics is an important mission for our parish and the Catholic Church. Learning and growing in our faith is a life-long endeavor and Saint Monica Parish is proud to provide opportunities for everyone in our faith community to continue this growth and learning. We have partner and encourage our young adult parishioners to participate in the Beaver County Theology on Tap program.

Beaver County Theology on Tap

Beaver County Theology on Tap exists in order to serve the young adults (those in their 20s and 30s), of Beaver County and share with them the richness of the Catholic faith. We invite young adults to learn more about their faith, share in and experience the Catholic community, and take part in the ongoing life of the Church. We seek to do this by organizing events to reach out to our peers and providing a setting where people of similar values and faith can gather in a peer community. We hope to serve as a springboard for other young adult initiatives, in which young adults take action to seek fellowship with other young Catholic adults in the area and grow more deeply in their faith, such as attending Mass at a local parish, forming a small group or small faith community, organizing a community service project, organizing a social event, or other activity.

What can I expect at a Theology on Tap event?

• You can expect to be welcomed by the young adult core team to come in, eat, drink, and socialize.

• A speaker presents on a topic of faith relevant to the faith lives of young adults in the Catholic Church. (30-40 minutes)

• After the presentation is complete, you can discuss your thoughts with the people around you. (15 minutes)

• You can ask the speaker clarifying questions about the topic. (10-20 minutes)

• You can conclude the evening by remaining to continue your conversation and socialize further.